5 Effective Growth Hacking Strategies (2023)

Growth is a vital part of creating a business. Quick growth is especially important for tech startups, seeing as they depend on it to attract investors and get their business off the ground. Growth hacking strategies are a must in modern business. Here are a few of the best ones.

##What is a growth hacking strategy?

Though the term itself is relatively new, growth hacking is, simply put, devising the optimal way of marketing and growing your company. Growth hackers don’t have to necessarily be trained marketing specialists, but they need to have their finger on the pulse of current and up-and-coming marketing trends.

Growth hacking strategies are often unexpected and unconventional. This is what makes them hacks: it’s something people wouldn’t think of, but works best.

Having a clever and impactful growth hacking strategy is essential for small businesses, as they are a fantastic way of generating traffic and customers, which in turn make the profits soar. However, implementing growth hacks doesn’t always guarantee success. Growth hacking goes hand in hand with taking risks, so you must be willing to experiment and learn through trial and error.

But how to create a growth hacking plan that will best serve your brand? That largely depends on your customer base. If your company is primarily B2B oriented, then naturally you’ll focus on channels such as LinkedIn, YouTube, or other bigger platforms.

If your brand image is more informal, and you offer products and services aimed at individuals rather than companies, a more personal approach would be a better idea.

Below we will take a closer look at some of the best growth hacking tactics and where they might be the most effective.

Create and connect with your community

Having a flourishing community is one of the best ways of hacking growth. Think of it this way: we all love to belong. And in the ever-expanding world of social media, various online communities are beyond count.

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Everything you could imagine has its aesthetic niche, complete with the almost mandatory suffix -core (including the why-would-anyone-want-that clowncore). So, creating your community might seem easy. But, upon a closer look, it’s anything but.

The sheer amount of different aesthetics, most of them popularized by social media like TikTok and Instagram, makes it difficult to find your unique voice and make it heard. It’s therefore imperative that you listen to your customer base. The best way to create a strong community is to gauge what is the common thread among your customers. And it’s not only the basics such as age, gender, or profession.

Your community should be based on common ideals, tastes, and in some cases even life experiences. It’s all about creating a touchstone that your customers can relate to on a deeper level, even if it might be something as pedestrian as shoes (pun intended).

One of the best examples of creating a strong and devoted community is Vans. The company has a long history, and despite more than 50 years of its existence, it remains fresh and appealing to its target demographic – young people with a penchant for creative pursuits.

The company was founded in California in 1966, and from its inception, it fostered and reaffirmed its target demographic and the ideals that connected them. Vans sneakers are the shoes of skateboarders, surfers, BMX riders, musicians, teenagers, and preteens and throughout its long history, the brand never lost sight of that. The ideals and values remain the same – creativity, playfulness, and freedom of expression.

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It’s funny how little teenagers change with every generation. We’ve all been misunderstood by our parents (“it’s not a phase, mom”), and we all desperately wanted to be the cool kids who hang out at the beach, ride skateboards and bikes, and create art and music. And so, with every new generation, the iconic sneaker gets a new legion of devoted fans.

Another great way of creating a community can be organizing online events, such as digital art exhibitions, or even calls for short stories. Naturally, this is where the power of social media comes into play. Social media allows brands to interact with their customers on a personal level, via tweets or mentions.

Email campaigns

Although some might consider email to be an outdated form of marketing, they would be spectacularly wrong. It’s been reported that 59% of customers say that emails influence their buying choices. That’s quite the number for a supposedly outdated piece of media.

Email campaigns can be incredibly effective growth hacks. Not only do they allow you to have a personalized touch when it comes to relationships with your customer base, but they’re also one of the most cost-effective growth hacking and marketing strategies out there.

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There are many different kinds of promotional emails. Using the right one will bring more traffic to your business, and therefore more profits. Here we will take a look at the most popular ones.

Welcome emails

Personalized emails that welcome a potential customer can go a long way. They can help introduce your company and establish a rapport. Furthermore, they help your brand be more memorable.

This also fosters familiarity with the customer, which is one of the main ingredients in turning browsers into buyers. Studies show that 82% of buyers will buy products or services from brands they’re already familiar with.

Abandoned cart emails

This sort of email is a great tool for giving the buyers on the fence a gentle nudge toward buying the product. If a customer has put items in their cart, yet left the site without completing their purchase, an email reminding them of the items they wanted to buy can be a great incentive.

Another way of ensuring customers buy the things they’ve put in their cart is to send a little discount offer of 5-10%. This is a neat trick, which gives the customers who are on the fence about purchasing the incentive to buy, as well as the feeling they’ve gotten a bargain.

However, when sending an abandoned cart email, you must be careful not to be too sales-y or pushy. If the email is too aggressive in its marketing it might have the opposite effect, and it can alienate the buyer.

A great way to strike the perfect balance is to have funny abandoned cart email subject lines. They can be something silly and punny along the lines of “You hold the key to my Cart”, with a preview text saying that the items won’t be on hold or available for much longer.

We can see a great example from FLO below. The subject line reads: Your Cart Misses You! 🛒, while the preview text is snappy and relatable: PMS doesn’t have to suck. The email has a distinct and visible CTA button which will make the purchase run smooth.

5 Effective Growth Hacking Strategies (2)


###Preorder and sale emails

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This is one of the oldest and best growth hacking strategies in the book. FOMO is a powerful thing, and we all have it from time to time. That’s where preorders and limited-time offers come in. Emails with this kind of content appeal to customers’ sense of urgency and loss aversion.

However, this kind of email is the most likely to come across as too pushy, and therefore untrustworthy. You must make sure the email and your site are well designed and presentable, so that customers don’t assume it’s a scam.

It’s important to get your point across and make it easy for the reader to segue into the catalog, but you mustn’t be too insistent. Make sure you note the end of the sale or preorder so that the customer has a clear deadline and an internal ticking clock.

Partnering with influencers in your industry

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing and strongest forms of marketing. It checks all the boxes of growth hacking ideals – the ability to reach a massive number of potential customers in your target demographic, as well as making your brand stay relevant and recognizable in the digital space.

Partnering with an influencer as a growth hacking strategy is incredibly effective, as 37% of customers trust influencers more than brands.

However, partnering with celebrity influencers is costly. They also tend to have a huge following, which means your brand won’t be focused on reaching your intended audience. That’s why the smarter decision is to partner with micro-influencers who are involved and follow industry trends.

Consumers tend to trust micro-influencers more, as they have a smaller and more vetted following. Micro-influencers also have a focused and niche audience, which means your brand will more likely reach a greater number of potential customers within your target demographic. This makes partnerships with micro-influencers one of the best growth hacking strategies you can employ.

Interactive content and gamified onboarding

A tried and true way of keeping customers engaged is interaction. Quizzes, videos, live Q&As, and webinars help you connect with your user base, as well as provide additional information and clarification. It can also help with having a personal touch when it comes to customer relations and building brand loyalty.

Gamified onboarding is another amazing growth hacking strategy that often flies under the radar. We tend to be impatient and hate learning how to use a new product or app. Gamification is the process of coaching new users through the ropes by having interactive and game-like tutorials, which can be competitive and incentivized.

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It also helps with attracting new customers. Think of it this way: have you ever used a new app that would give you a small amount of money in exchange for referrals to your contacts?

Gamification can also be reaching different levels within a service, like a loyalty program. Booking.com has a brilliant way of ensuring customers come back to the platform for their accommodation booking. There are three Genius levels, which is incredibly clever because it appeals to our vanity (“Why yes, I am a genius, thanks for noticing!”) as well as our fondness for games and completing levels.

5 Effective Growth Hacking Strategies (3)


##Collabs with other brands

This is one of the oldest growth hacking tactics, yet it is still as relevant as ever. Teaming up with other brands can be extremely beneficial to both parties. Brands in different industries with similar target audiences can boost each other’s engagement as well as sales.

The most successful brand collabs often have a theme or a joint cause. This will help them come up with a product line that will show off both brands to the best effect. A good collaboration will take the best elements of both brands to create a limited-edition product that’s bound to interest the users.

One of the best examples of a brand that has many collaborations is Lego. The iconic toy company has done countless collaborations, from Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Harry Potter, to Levi’s and Ikea, the latter often being called Lego for grown-ups.

They’ve created something that appeals to wide demographics and brings in even customers that weren’t particularly attached to either brand.

There have been many collaborations in the fashion world as well, one of the most famous ones being H&M and Versace. This showed exactly what is a growth hacking strategy that could take the world by storm. The affordable prices of H&M and the luxury designs and brand name from Versace made a formidable combination, which sold out in only 30 minutes.


We hope these growth hacking strategies will inspire you to find unconventional and unexpected ways to promote and grow your brand, and maybe even devise a clever growth hack on your own.

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What is an example of growth hacking? ›

AirBnB. Let's kick things off with one of the most famous growth hack examples: the AirBnB Craigslist hack. AirBnB is now famous for being the place where you can score affordable accommodation almost anywhere you travel, but in the early days, they needed to build their userbase, customer base, and reputation.

What skills do growth hackers need? ›

Growth Hacker Requirements:

Expertise in marketing, online strategies, user experience, and business development. Strong analytical skills, including A/B testing, web metrics, and sales metrics. Skilled at web optimization, sales generation, conversion analysis, and creating sales funnels.

What are the 5 types of hacking? ›

Hacking is something from which you've to protect yourself and solely can be done by anticipating how a hacker might think to get into the system.
  • Phishing – ...
  • Virus – ...
  • UI redress – ...
  • Cookie theft – ...
  • Distributed Denial-of-service(DDoS) – ...
  • DNS spoofing – ...
  • Social Engineering – ...
  • Missing Security Patches –
Aug 22, 2022

What are the 5 types of ethical hacking? ›

What are the Different Types of Ethical Hacking?
  • Black-box Testing. ...
  • White-box Testing. ...
  • Gray-box Testing. ...
  • Web Application Hacking. ...
  • Hacking Wireless Networks. ...
  • Social engineering. ...
  • System hacking. ...
  • Web server hacking.
5 days ago

What are the 4 types of hacking? ›

Hackers fall into three general categories: black hat hackers, white hat hackers, and gray hat hackers. Although hackers are often associated with exploiting vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to computers, systems, or networks, not all hacking is malicious or illegal.

How do you implement growth hacking? ›

Growth Hacking Process
  1. Find Product-Market Fit.
  2. Outline the Critical Components of the Business.
  3. Implement Rapid Experimentation (G.R.O.W.S)
  4. Develop Playbooks to Iterate and Scale. ‍

What are the 4 growth strategies? ›

The four growth strategies

These are Product, Placement, Promotion and Price. Where the Four Ps focus on audiences, channels & pricing, the Ansoff Matrix is more effective for a broader view of markets and uses the older Four P framework within each of the 4 Ansoff quadrants.

What are the four major growth strategies examples? ›

What are the four major growth strategies?
  • market penetration.
  • product development.
  • market development.
  • diversification.

What are the 3 growth strategies? ›

Three customer growth strategies are presented below: (1) Growing the core business, (2) Growing by sub-segmenting customers and (3) Growing adjacent opportunities.

What do you think are the top 5 skills an ethical hacker should acquire? ›

Understanding the Skills Needed to Become an Ethical Hacker
  • Information security and ethical hacking.
  • Reconnaissance techniques.
  • System hacking phases and attack techniques.
  • Network and perimeter hacking.
  • Web application hacking.
  • Wireless network hacking.

Are growth hackers in demand? ›

Salary of a person who pursues career as a growth hacker is one of the highest; growth hacking professionals are in huge demand.

What are the 7 types of hacking? ›

By understanding the different types of hackers you find out, you can also understand what protection you need to lock them out.
  • Script kiddies. ...
  • Hacktivists. ...
  • Malicious Insider or whistleblower. ...
  • State sponsored hackers. ...
  • White-hat hackers. ...
  • Gray-hat hackers. ...
  • Black-hat hackers.

Who are the top 5 hackers? ›

Top 10 Most Notorious Hackers of All Time
  • Kevin Mitnick. A seminal figure in American hacking, Kevin Mitnick got his career start as a teen. ...
  • Anonymous. ...
  • Adrian Lamo. ...
  • Albert Gonzalez. ...
  • Matthew Bevan and Richard Pryce. ...
  • Jeanson James Ancheta. ...
  • Michael Calce. ...
  • Kevin Poulsen.

How many stages of growth hacking are there? ›

In growth hacking, there are five funnel stages — acquisition , activation , retention , revenue , and referral (or AARRR).

What are the 5cs of cyber security? ›

The five C's of cyber security are five areas that are of significant importance to all organizations. They are change, compliance, cost, continuity, and coverage. The top priority of organizations all over is having security protective of their digital and physical assets.

What are the 6 phases of ethical hacking? ›

What are The Different Phases in Ethical Hacking?
  • The Reconnaissance Phase. ...
  • The Scanning Phase In Ethical Hacking. ...
  • The Gaining Access Phase. ...
  • The Maintaining Access Phase. ...
  • Covering Of Tracks Phase. ...
  • The Analysis And WAF Configuration Phase.
Jan 10, 2023

What are the 7 networking hacking steps? ›

The 7 Stages of a Cyber Attack
  • Reconnaissance. Before launching an attack, hackers first identify a vulnerable target and explore the best ways to exploit it. ...
  • Scanning. ...
  • Access and Escalation. ...
  • Exfiltration. ...
  • Sustainment. ...
  • Assault. ...
  • Obfuscation.
Sep 13, 2017

What are 3 effects of hacking? ›

What are things that a hacker can do to me?
  • Hijack your usernames and passwords.
  • Steal your money and open credit card and bank accounts in your name.
  • Ruin your credit.
  • Request new account Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) or additional credit cards.
  • Make purchases.

How many types of hacking techniques are there? ›

5 Common Hacking Techniques Used by Hackers.

What is the most powerful hacking tool? ›

Top Tools for Ethical Hacking
  1. Nmap. Short for Network Mapper, no ethical hacker can do without this tool because of its powerful searching and scanning abilities. ...
  2. Nessus. Second on the list is Nessus, the world's most renowned vulnerability scanner. ...
  3. Burp Suite. ...
  4. Metasploit. ...
  5. Netsparker. ...
  6. Acunetix. ...
  7. Aircrack-Ng. ...
  8. John the Ripper.
Jan 12, 2023

What are ethical hacking techniques? ›

Top Ethical Hacking Techniques
  • Phishing.
  • Sniffing.
  • Social Engineering.
  • Footprinting.
  • SQL injection.
  • Enumeration.
  • Ettercap.
  • Netsparker.
Jan 13, 2023

Why growth hacking is the best? ›

It's a way to experience rapid, sustainable growth by marrying creativity with data analysis. Growth hacking works because your decisions remain rooted in data while you still apply creativity and curiosity to every step of the marketing and product-development process.

What are the 5 stages of growth? ›

Five Stages of Child Development
  • Newborn. During the first month of life, newborns exhibit automatic responses to external stimuli. ...
  • Infant. Infants develop new abilities quickly in the first year of life. ...
  • Toddler. ...
  • Preschool. ...
  • School age.
Sep 26, 2018

What are the 5 phases of growth? ›

The six growth phases are described below:
  • Phase 1: Growth Through Creativity.
  • Phase 2: Growth Through Direction.
  • Phase 3: Growth Through Delegation.
  • Phase 4: Growth Through Coordination and Monitoring.
  • Phase 5: Growth Through Collaboration.
  • Phase 6: Growth Through Extra-Organizational Solutions.

What are the 7 levers of growth? ›

The Seven Degrees of Freedom for Growth are:
  • Selling existing products to existing customers.
  • Acquiring new customers in existing markets.
  • Creating new products and services.
  • Developing new value-delivery approaches.
  • Moving into new geographies.
  • Creating a new industry structure.
  • Opening up new competitive arenas.

What are types of growth strategies? ›

There are four core strategies that make up organic growth. These strategies are known as market penetration, market development, product development, and diversification. Market Penetration: This growth strategy involves selling more of a company's existing products or services to its current customer base.

What are the 4 four strategy elements? ›

The marketing mix, also known as the four P's of marketing, refers to the four key elements of a marketing strategy: product, price, place and promotion.

What are the five business strategies? ›

Summary : There are only five business strategies: cost, quality, distribution, technology, and intellectual property (IP). All business strategies break down into these five, or some combination of them. As a general principle, focusing your organization on one is the easiest to execute.

What are the 6 areas of growth? ›

The six aspects of personal development are physical, financial, relational, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual. Each one builds the others. You can grow yourself in all aspects of personal development.

Which growth strategy is the easiest? ›

Market Penetration

This is the lowest risk and potentially easiest growth strategy. It involves growing the sales of your existing product in your existing market.

What is the growth trap in strategy? ›

A growth trap is just a growth stock (a stock which looks expensive but appears to be growing rapidly enough to justify the premium valuation) which misses its forecasts in the same way. These are, says Inker, even more common and even more damaging than value traps.

What are the four 4 ethical issues of cyber ethics? ›

To begin with, it seems that there are four big areas of computer ethics. They are "(1) computer crime; (2) responsibility for computer failure; (3) protection of computer property, records and software; and (4) privacy of the company, workers and customers”.

What are the top 3 skills for cyber security experts? ›

The Top Skills Required for Cybersecurity Jobs
  • Problem-Solving Skills. ...
  • Technical Aptitude. ...
  • Knowledge of Security Across Various Platforms. ...
  • Attention to Detail. ...
  • Communication Skills. ...
  • Fundamental Computer Forensics Skills. ...
  • A Desire to Learn. ...
  • An Understanding of Hacking.

How much do growth hackers earn? ›

The national average salary for a Growth Hacker is ₹6,95,783 in India.

How much do growth hackers make? ›

The average Growth Hacker salary is $75,907 as of November 23, 2022, but the salary range typically falls between $69,098 and $83,941. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession.

What is the highest salary of a hacker? ›

What is the highest salary of an ethical hacker? The annual salary of an ethical hacker in India starts at Rs 1.77 lakh and can go up to Rs 40 lakh.

What are the 3 types of hacking? ›

Hackers fall into three general categories: black hat hackers, white hat hackers, and gray hat hackers. Although hackers are often associated with exploiting vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to computers, systems, or networks, not all hacking is malicious or illegal.

What are the four types of growth? ›

Human development is a lifelong process of physical, behavioral, cognitive, and emotional growth and change.

What is the most powerful hacking technique? ›

Phishing. Phishing is one of the most common hacking techniques. It is a social engineering attack to steal user data. In a phishing attack, the goal is to get a target to open an email or text message that includes a malicious link, which can install malicious code or reveal information.

What are the 5 principles of growth? ›

The principles are: 1. Development is Continuous 2. Development is Gradual 3. Development is Sequential 4. Rate of Development Varies Person to Person 5. Development Proceeds from General to Specific 6.

What are the 5 aspects of growth? ›

Here are the five areas of personal growth and what they involve:
  • Mental growth. Mental growth focuses on the development of your mind, such as the way you think and learn. ...
  • Social growth. Social growth involves improving your communication skills. ...
  • Spiritual growth. ...
  • Emotional growth. ...
  • Physical growth.
Aug 11, 2021

Who is the God of hacking? ›

Kevin Mitnick
BornKevin David Mitnick August 6, 1963 Van Nuys, California, U.S.
Other namesThe Condor, The Darkside Hacker
OccupationsInformation technology consultant Author
7 more rows

How do most hackers learn to hack? ›

Getting a college degree is obviously the most traditional and reliable route; however, today, there are many faster ways to break into cybersecurity. Other relevant degrees for hackers include computer programming and computer science.

What code do most hackers use? ›

Python ranks as the number one popular programming language in the world, according to 2022 Tiobe Index data. It's also a popular language with hackers because it provides powerful and easy-to-use libraries enabling them to work quickly.


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