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While Chuck’s signature dad dance moves have brought smiles to families around the world, the Yielding family’s love and support for each other is even more inspiring. Thank you ABC News for this #MondayMotivation: https://abcn.ws/3j9U19a.ABCNEWS.GO.COMVideo: Dad creates ‘dance dates’ to support son in chemotherapy

In August, 29 patients were admitted to Cook Children's after attempting suicide. It is one of the worst months on record and physicians treated nearly a child or teen a day who attempted suicide. Kia Carter, M.D., medical director of psychiatry, addresses the alarming trend. #SuicideAwarenessCHECKUPNEWSROOM.COMNear Record Number of Patients Seen for Suicide Attempts in August

Aiden, 14, was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) toward the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to visitation restrictions, only one parent or caregiver is allowed into the medical center per patient. Every Tuesday while Aiden’s mom joins him in the clinic for cancer treatment, his dad, Chuck, stands outside and dances to lift Aiden’s spirits. Here is a highlight reel of Chuck’s best moves! #erasekidcancer

When you visit any Cook Children's location, you can trust that your child's well-being is our top priority. To ease any concerns you may have about visiting us for your child’s appointment or procedure, we have put multiple safeguards in place to create the safest environment possible for patients, families and staff. To learn all the things we are doing to keep you and your family safe, visit our website https://cookchildrens.org/coronavirus.

Your donation on #NTxGivingDay will help support the lifesaving cancer research, treatments, technology and programs for patients and families at Cook Children's. #erasekidcancer: https://bit.ly/2QHxrrMCook Children's Health Foundation17 September at 07:00 ·On this #NTxGivingDay, join Cook Children's in the fight against cancer. Your support will help patients like Hallie Bea. This fighter recently completed treatment to conquer osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer. Despite what she has been through, Hallie is always positive and encouraging others. Make a gift today to #erasekidcancer and help kids like Hallie! https://bit.ly/2QHxrrM

For more than six years, Checkup Newsroom has been the go-to source for readers to learn from our very own medical experts on a whole variety of topics from the latest on COVID-19 to medical breakthroughs and everything in-between. Through our newly created Spanish version of Checkup, we are excited to share this wealth of medical insight and guidance with our Spanish-speaking families! #HispanicHeritageMonth_________________________________________________Durante más de seis años, Checkup Newsroom ha sido la fuente de información para que lectores puedan aprender de nuestros propios expertos médicos sobre una amplia variedad de temas, desde lo último en COVID-19 hasta los avances médicos y todo lo demás. A través de nuestra recién creada versión en español de Checkup, estamos encantados de compartir esta gran cantidad de información médica y orientación con nuestras familias de habla hispana. #HispanicHeritageMonthCHECKUPNEWSROOM.COMCook Children's ofrece una presencia familiar en línea o internet a un nuevo público, con la implementación de una sede de información en Español

For many children with disabilities, being unable to communicate is a daily frustration. Thankfully, new technology is helping Cook Children’s Rehabilitation Services give a voice to non-verbal patients for the very first time. Learn more here: https://bit.ly/2SQ6uDA.

What does the recent uptick in COVID-19 cases mean for your family? An Infectious Diseases expert talks testing, prevention and how the latest numbers compare to state and national data. More here: https://bit.ly/2SR4OJY.

You can help make this Amazon.com #PrimeDay special for Cook Children’s patients and their families! While you’re shopping, please consider purchasing an item from our Child Life Wish List: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/10IKA4JC8ZR17. You can also shop the same great sales through Amazon Smile and choose Cook Children’s as your charity of choice. A portion of your purchase will benefit our health care system at no additional cost: www.smile.amazon.com.

Sending our love to Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys. We know what it takes to fight through obstacles. Wishing you a healthy recovery! 💙

With an enviable breadth of talent, skill, professionalism and overall compassion, Cook Children’s is excited to honor this year’s class of Great 10 Nurses. Join us in celebrating these incredible health care heroes! #PediatricNursesWeek

COVID-19 has scared off trick-or-treating, haunted houses and other Halloween traditions. But Cook Children’s experts share how to keep the hocus pocus alive during a global pandemic.CHECKUPNEWSROOM.COMExperts Urge New Halloween Traditions over Trick-or-Treating as COVID-19 Spread Continues

A huge thank you to NBC DFW for helping us kick off Epilepsy Awareness Month last night! They featured our patient, Miller, who is now seizure free after enrolling in a clinical research trial three years ago.#EpilepsyAwarenessMonth #1in26 #CookChildrens1in26CHECKUPNEWSROOM.COMEpilepsy Patient Three Years Seizure Free Thanks to Groundbreaking Research

Lions, tigers and twin butterflies, oh my! The tiniest patients at Cook Children's Medical Center and their families celebrate their first Halloween.Stitch-a-Wish, the volunteer sewing, knitting and crocheting group for Cook Children's, generously provided the most fragile babies with original designs, such as a pumpkin, candy corn and Mr. Incredible.

The Texas Poison Center Network reports that calls for children ingesting alcohol-based hand sanitizer are up 80% from last year.Fears regarding COVID-19 have increased the amount of hand sanitizer and other disinfectants in homes, giving children more access to ingest these products. While hand sanitizer is beneficial for killing germs on our hands, it can be toxic if swallowed or misused. The Doc Smitty - Dr Justin Smith, Pediatrician shares more: https://bit.ly/3e66n0u.CHECKUPNEWSROOM.COMTexas Poison Centers Warn of Dangerous Spike in Children Ingesting Hand Sanitizer

September 2020 marks the worst month on record for patients admitted to Cook Children's after attempting suicide. Dr. Kia Carter shares more about this disturbing trend on Checkup Newsroom: https://bit.ly/2HIDknV.

We have some exciting news this Monday morning! For the first time, Cook Children’s is one of the top 100 adoption-friendly workplaces in the country. Three employees share their stories of expanding their families through our adoption assistance program.“Adoption is a journey filled with foreign paths, fear, disappointments and doubts,” said Megan Mansfield, Au.D., a pediatric audiologist at Cook Children’s and an adoptive mother of two. “But watching my two girls, one dark and the other fair, bent over in belly-rocking giggles at the simple bliss of splashing together in a bathtub full of bubbles, I say with ardent assurance that the road they came by holds no regrets.”CHECKUPNEWSROOM.COMCook Children’s Named a Top 100 Adoption-Friendly Workplace

In a unique collaboration with the Child Life team at Cook Children’s, two teens use their talents in art and music to send a message about bullying. #NationalBullyingPreventionMonthCHECKUPNEWSROOM.COMTwo Cook Children's Patients Create First-Of-Its-Kind Music Video

Cook Children’s Medical Center is the first pediatric hospital in the DFW Metroplex to implant a potentially life-changing treatment device in a patient suffering from epilepsy. 13-year-old Wyatt, his family and care team are hopeful that the NeuroPace RNS System for Epilepsy will decrease his medication and seizure burdens and restore his quality of life. #1in26 #CookChildrens1in26CHECKUPNEWSROOM.COMCook Children’s Patient Becomes First in North Texas Implanted With Smart Device to Control Seizures

Shopping #CyberMonday sales online at Amazon or Walmart? The Cook Children's Holiday Wish Lists are a great way to help fulfill a need, provide assistance and bring a smile to patients and families during the holiday season. All items purchased are directly shipped to our medical center for our team to deliver to patients. Check out our lists here: https://bit.ly/33ur3LD.COOKCHILDRENS.ORGWish Lists | Cook Children's

What are you thankful for? This question now holds more weight and may be a little difficult to answer after an unimaginable year. Each Thanksgiving, we ask some of our amazing patients (and facility dogs) to share their perspective on thankfulness and we hope it reminds you that love and joy come from the smallest things.To honor our healthcare heroes and essential workers, we invite you to fill in the blank and share what or who you are thankful for. From all of us at Cook Children’s, we wish you a healthy and happy Thanksgiving!

Alyssa Salazar is incredibly thankful that her 4-year-old daughter Natalie is alive. After experiencing COVID-19 and multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C) in October, Alyssa wants other parents to know the signs that could save their child’s life. Learn more here: https://bit.ly/3fxuLZK.

For Nancy Dambro, M.D., the journey to becoming a doctor began when medicine was still considered a profession for men. She will hang up her white coat next month after more than four decades of tireless service.CHECKUPNEWSROOM.COMPassing the Torch: Cook Children’s Pulmonologist to Retire After 41 Years of Practicing Medicine

Doctors across Cook Children’s Health Care System urge the community to avoid large gatherings for Thanksgiving. Instead of traditional celebrations, our physicians offer advice on how to connect with extended family and friends from a distance.

We are heartbroken about the devastating fatal pileup in Fort Worth earlier today and thinking about all those involved in and responding to the tragic event. If you don’t have a reason to leave home, please stay inside, stay safe and stay warm! Widespread freezing rain and snow is expected this weekend and early next week. If you have to travel, please have a safety plan in place for your family. Cook Children's trauma experts share tips for those driving in inclement weather conditions: https://bit.ly/3aUxESl.CHECKUPNEWSROOM.COMBracing for Freezing Weather: Plan Ahead to Protect Your Family on the Road

What activities are you doing with your family this weekend to celebrate Valentine's Day? Dr. Bianka Soria-Olmos, pediatrician at Cook Children's Pediatrics Haslet, shares 14 ways parents can connect with their children and show them love: http://bit.ly/2LCnBbQ.CHECKUPNEWSROOM.COM14 Ways to Show Your Child Love on Valentine’s Day (and every day)

A recent government report found dangerous levels of toxic heavy metals in baby food, including arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury. For new parents, this can be concerning and confusing. The Doc Smitty - Dr Justin Smith, Pediatrician at Cook Children's Pediatrics Trophy Club explains how parents can protect their young children from high-risk foods.CHECKUPNEWSROOM.COMShould You Worry About Toxic Metals Found in Baby Food? The Doc Smitty Weighs In

One in 26 people in the United States will develop epilepsy at some point in their lifetime. Because seizures can occur any time, anywhere and without warning, it’s important for those with epilepsy to have an action plan for emergency seizure response. #SeizureActionPlanAwarenessWeek #1in26CHECKUPNEWSROOM.COMA Simple Plan Can Save a Life

Kicking off Super Bowl weekend with our Cook Children's MVPs (Most Valuable Pups) enjoying their own big game! Follow the Sit...Stay...PLAY team on Instagram for more fun: https://instagram.com/sitstayplay_cc#PuppyBowl

Every three years, Cook Children's conducts a Community-wide Children's Health Assessment & Planning Survey (CCHAPS) to identify the health needs of children in our community. The survey results help guide us, along with our community partners, in developing solutions that address the most important issues.Use your voice to help the children in our community! We would like to hear from you if you are a caregiver of children ages 0-17 and live in any of these counties: Denton, Collin, Grayson, Hood, Johnson, Parker, Tarrant and Wise. We encourage you to take the survey here: www.cookchildrens.org/CCHAPS.The survey will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. All responses are kept confidential.

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