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Song Jin | Jin Group (1)

Song Jin

Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1101 University Avenue, Madison, Wisconsin 53706
Phone: (608)262-1562, FAX: (608)262-0453, E-mail:


research group webpage:

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Academic Appointments

9/13 to present Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison

7/10 to 8/13 Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison

8/04 to 6/10 Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison

1/05 to present Faculty member of Materials Science Program (MSP), UW-Madison


2002-2004 Postdoctoral FellowHarvard University, Cambridge, MA. Advisor: Charles M. Lieber

2002 PhD in Chemistry, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. Advisor: Francis J. DiSalvo.

1997 B.S. in Chemistry, Peking (Beijing) University, Beijing, China.

Awards and Honors

ACS Inorganic Nanoscience Award (2014)

H. I. Romnes Faculty Fellowship, U. of Wisconsin-Madison (2013)

Research Corporation SciaLog Collaborative Innovation Award for Solar Energy Conversion (2012)

Vilas Associate Award, U. of Wisconsin-Madison (2012)

Research Corporation Scialog Award for Solar Energy Conversion (2011)

Sloan Research Fellowship (2009)

ACS ExxonMobil Solid State Chemistry Fellowship Award (2008)

Research Corporation Cottrell Scholar Award (2007)

DuPont Young Professor (2007)

MIT Technology Review TR35 Award (Top 35 Young Innovators under the age of 35) (2006)

NSF CAREER Award (2006)

3M Nontenured Faculty Award (2006)

Cornell University Graduate School Travel Grants (2001)

Peking University Student Research Scholarship (1996)

Excellent Student in Honors Science Program (1996)

Outstanding Student Scholarship, Peking University (1995&1994)

Gold Medal in Chinese National Chemistry Olympiad (1992)

Teaching and Educational Outreach

Courses taught:

  • Chemistry of Nanoscale Materials (Chem 630&653) Spring 2019, Spring 2017, Spring 2015, Fall 2013, Fall 2011, Spring 2010, Spring 2008, Fall 2005 (new course)
  • Chemistry of Inorganic Materials (Chem 630) Fall 2008, Fall 2010 (partially redeveloped course)
  • Fundamentals of Analytical Sciences (Chem 329) Fall 2007, Spring 2007, Fall 2006, Spring 2006, Spring 2011, Spring 2013, Spring 2014, Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Fall 2017, Spring 2018
  • Fundamentals of Analytical Sciences (Chem 327) Fall 2016, Fall 2014, Fall 2012, Fall 2009, Spring 2005, Fall 2004

Curriculum development and educational outreach activities:

  • Developed a new graduate course (Chem 630: Chemistry of Nanoscale Materials)
  • Developed a web course on nanoscience and nanotechnology for high school teachers in collaboration with Prof. John Moore and graduate student Janice Hall
  • Discovering Nanoscience (“Nano BootCamp”) Workshop for high school students (Jan 2008 & Feb 2009)
  • Open-house, lab tour, and on-line chats for high school teachers participating in the on-line course for nanoscience and nanotechnology
  • Lab tour and interactions with students with disability from Midwest Alliance for Science and Technology (Oct 2006 & Jan 2007)
  • Guest lectures on nanoscience and nanomaterials in Chem 104 and Chem 511 (Feb and May 2008)
  • Guest lectures to REU students in chemistry and nanoscience (2009-2016)

Public outreach activities:

  • Invited to write a perspective on nanoelectronics for Technology Review magazine (September 2006)
  • Interacted and interviewed with popular media (McClatchy News Group) to discuss nanomaterials for solar energy (Oct 2008)
  • Interacted and provided images for science-as-art exhibit (TINY Art) at Madison airport and Madison science café (2009, 2008)
  • Interacted and provided images to national and international magazines, such as Scientific American, New York Times Syndicate, SEED, Nano, DeIngenieur (2008)
  • Provided image for the cover of the text book, The Science and Engineering of Materials, 6th edition, the SI edition, by Cengage Learning (2010).
  • Exhibit on thermal science and thermoelectric energy conversion at the Wisconsin State Fair (2012)
  • Exhibits and activities on nanomaterials and crystals at Wisconsin Science Festival (Oct 2014, Oct 2015, Oct 2016)
  • Participated in the Cool Science Image Art Exhibit at the Mandelbaum & Albert Family Vision Gallery at the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research McPherson Eye Research Institute (2014).
  • Gave interview with Wisconsin Public Radio about our research work on new earth-abundant catalysts (Sept 2015)

Professional Affiliation and Synergistic Activities

  1. Senior Editor, ACS Energy Letters (May 2017 - )
  2. Conference organizers and program committees:
    • US Co-Chair for the 12th Sino-US Nano Forum 2017 in Beijing, China
    • Lead organizer for a symposium on “Materials and Nanostructures for Magnetic Skyrmions” for the 2016 MRS Fall meeting
    • Lead organizer for a symposium on Nanotechnology for Renewable Energy Applications for PacifiChem 2015
    • Lead organizer for a symposium on “Mesoscale Architectures: Synthesis, Assembly, Properties, and Applications” for the 2014 MRS Fall meeting
    • Co-organizer for a symposium on “Materials for Photoelectrochemical and Photocatalytic Energy Harvesting and Storage” for the 2014 MRS Spring meeting
    • Co-organizer for the 1st National Academy of Sciences US-Israel Kavli Frontiers of Science Symposium (June 2013)
    • Lead organizer for a symposium on “Sustainable solar energy conversion using earth-abundant materials” for the 2013 MRS Fall meeting
    • Co-organizer for the symposia on Low-Dimensional Electronic and Photonic Devices at the 216th (2009), 218th (2010), 222nd (2012), 224th (2013), 226th (2014), 228th (2015), 230th (2016), 232th (2017), Electrochemical Society (ECS) Meetings.
    • Organized a symposium on 1-D nanomaterials in 233rd ACS National meeting (2007);
    • Program organizing committee for SPIE Optics East 2007: Nanomaterials Synthesis, Interfacing, and Integrating in Devices, Circuits, and Systems II;
    • Local program committee for 65th Physical Electronic Conference (PEC) in 2005.
  3. NSF Materials by Design Workshop (March 2011); DoD Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Workshop “Toward a Strategic Vision for Chemical and Biological Defense”, Participant and White Paper reviewer, Aug 2008, Atlanta, Georgia.
  4. Proposal Reviewers: NSF (DMR & CHE), NSF CAREER, NSF CREST/HBCU-RISE, DOE BES, DOE EERE, DOE ARPA-E, PRF, Research Corporation, German DFG Priority Program, Austrian Science Fund, Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO), Molecular Foundry of DOE LBNL.
  5. On-site scientific reviewer for DOE Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR) Batteries and Energy Storage Energy Innovation Hub, July 2014.
  6. Journal Advisory/Editorial Board: Nanoscale, Nanoscale Advance.
  7. Journal referees: Science (7 papers), Nature (4), Nature Materials (4), Nature Chemistry (4), Nature Nanotechnology (3), Nature Photonics (2), Nature Physics, Nature Energy, Nature Communications (10), Nature Rev. Materials, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (PNAS) (5), Science Advances, J. Am. Chem. Soc. (63), Nano Lett. (58), Chem. Mater. (21), J. Phys. Chem. (25), ACS Nano (15), ACS Energy Letters, Inorg. Chem. (4), ACS Catalysis, ACS Appl. Mater. Interface, Langmuir(2), Crys. Growth. Design (9), Angew. Chem.(4); Adv. Mater. (5), Adv. Funct. Mater.(2), Adv. Energy Mater., Small (6), Chem. Comm. (6), Chemical Sciences, Chem. Rev., Chem. Soc. Rev., Acct. Chem. Res., Energy Environ. Sci. (8); J. Mater. Chem.(7),Phys. Rev. Lett., J. Chem. Phys., Appl. Phys. Lett. (3), J. Appl. Phys., Materials Today, Nanotechnology (3), J. Solid State Chem.(3), J. Mater. Res., J. Crys. Growth., J. Electrochem. Soc., Electrochem. Solid-State Lett., J. Nanosci. and Nanotech., Mater. Sci. Eng., Thin Solid Films, Solid State Sci., J. Vac. Sci. Tech.
  8. Memberships: American Chemical Society (ACS), Materials Research Society (MRS), The Electrochemical Society (ECS), The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Departmental and University Service

  • Material chemistry steering committee (2006- 2013), chair (2006 - August 2011, July 2017 - ),
  • Member of Chemistry Department Finance Committee (September 2015 – June 2017)
  • Member of Materials Science Center Advisory Board (June 2015 -)
  • Member of the China Task Force for the Provost (Fall 2014)
  • Member of Chemistry Department Faculty Award Committee (2014 -)
  • Member of Physical Science Division Committee (September 2013 – May 2016)
  • Member of the Campus planning Committee for Wisconsin Energy Institute Phase II (2012)
  • Member of the review committee of Department of Geoscience at UW-Madison (Spring 2010)
  • Faculty member of University of Wisconsin Advanced Materials Industrial Consortium (2005-).
  • Graduate recruiting committee (Fall 2006-2011, 2012-)
  • Instrument Task Force (March 2009 – Nov 2009)
  • Faculty search committee (Fall 2005, Fall 2010)
  • Graduate Curriculum and Carnegie Initiative Committee (Fall 2004 – Spring 2006)
  • Graduate Curriculum Committee (Fall 2008 – 2010, 2012-)
  • Web committee (Fall 2004 - Spring 2005)
  • Represented the department at 36th Annual Black Chemists & Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE) Conference in St. Louis to promote the recruitment of minority students (April 2009)


at UW-Madison

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Prior to UW-Madison

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(Video) [CHOREOGRAPHY] Jin of BTS ‘슈퍼 참치’ Special Performance Video

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Invited Presentations (planned future presentations in italics)


November Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall meeting Boston, MA

June ICMAT Singapore

May E-MRS Spring Meeting Nice, France

April MRS Spring Meeting Phoenix, AZ

March 257th ACS National Meeting Orlando, FL

March International Battery Seminar and Exhibit 2019 Fort Lauderdale, FL

Jan Duke University Durham, NC


November Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall meeting Boston, MA

November KAUST Thuwal, Saudi Arabia

October 12th International Symposium for Chinese Inorganic Chemists (ISCIC-12) Taipei, Taiwan

October AsiaNano 2018 Qingdao, China

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August 256th ACS National Meeting Boston, MA

June 13th Sino-US Nano Forum Chengdu, China

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October 232th ECS Meeting National Harbor, MD

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August ChinaNano 2017 Beijing, China

August 24th Congress for International Commission for Optics (ICO-24) Tokyo, Japan

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March International Battery Seminar and Exhibit 2017 Fort Lauderdale, FL

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December Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall meeting Boston, MA

November Multidisciplinary Workshop on Low Dimen. Semiconductor Nanostructures Changsha, China

September Energy and Sustainable Materials Workshop Eugene, OR

September Northern Illinois University DeKalb, IL

August 252th ACS National Meeting Philadelphia, PA

August Perovskite Solar Cell Workshop Lincoln, NE

July Gordon Research Conference on Solar Energy Conversion Hong Kong, China

July APAC Silicide 2016 Kyushu, Japan

June CIMTEC 2016 Perugia, Italy

March Materials Research Society (MRS) Spring meeting Phoenix, AZ

Jan 2016 Institute of Materials Chemistry and Engineering International Symposium Kyushu,Japan


December Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall meeting Boston, MA

November Boston College Chestnut Hills, MA

November International Workshop on Nanomaterials for Energy and Biotechnology Harbin, China

October 228th ECS meeting Phoenix, AZ

June 10th Sino-US Nano Forum Wuhan, China

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March 249th ACS National Meeting Denver, CO

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October 226th ECS Meeting Cancun, Mexico

August 248th ACS National Meeting Nanoscience Award Symposium San Francisco, CA

April 11th Annual Conference on Foundation for Nanoscience (FNANO) Snowbird, UT

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Feb 2014 TMS (The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society) Annual Meeting San Diego, CA

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May Next Generation Solar 2013 – Photovoltaics Canada Hamilton, Canada

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November Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall meeting Boston, MA

November 8th Annual Minnesota Nanotechnology Workshop Minneapolis, MN

Oct University of Washington-Seattle Seattle, WA

Oct 15th National Academy of Sciences US-China Kalvi Symposium (Invited Poster) Irvine, CA

Oct 222nd ECS Meeting and PRiME Honolulu, HI

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June Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing, China

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May University of Buffalo 30th Graduate Student Symposium Keynote Speaker Buffalo, NY

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Oct Research Corporation Scialog® Conference Tucson, AZ

July Nanyang Technological University Singapore

(Video) David Roberts, Chemistry Ph.D. Student Ying Ge Lab and Song Jin Lab, University of Wisconsin-Madison

June International Conference on Materials and Technology (ICMAT) 2011 Singapore

June Nanowires 11 Lesvos, Greece

June Emerging Opportunities in Nanostructured Semiconductors (EONS) Workshop Evanston, IL

March University of Pennsylvania Philadephia, PA

March NSF Materials by Design Workshop Santa Barbara, CA


December PacifiChem 2010 Honolulu, HI

December Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall meeting Boston, MA

November Northwestern University Evanston, IL

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September U. of Wisconsin-Madison Environmental Chemistry and Technology Madison, WI

August 240th ACS National Meeting, Nano Letters 10 Year Anniversary Symposium Boston, MA

August Gordon Research Conference on Solid State Chemistry New London, NH

July Asia-Pacific Conference on Semiconducting Silicides and Related Materials Tsukuba, Japan

July National Institute of Materials Science (NIMS) Tsukuba, Japan

June Gordon Research Conference on Inorganic Chemistry Biddeford, ME

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April 7th Korea-US Nano Forum Seoul, Korea

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January 3rd IEEE International NanoElectronics Conference Hong Kong, China


October 10th NIH NCI IMAT meeting Bethesda, MD

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August 238th ACS National Meeting Washington, DC

August The 17th American Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy Lake Geneva, WI

May National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, China Beijing, China

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May Peking (Beijing) University (3 lectures) Beijing, China

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April 6th Foundation of Nanoscience Conference (FNANO09) SnowBird, UT

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December Argonne National Laboratory, Center for Nanoscale Materials Argonne, IL

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September University of Louisville Louisville, KY

September NSF Physical Organic Chemistry Workshop Lake Tahoe, NV

September Chaos and Complex Systems Seminar Madison, WI

August DuPont Central Research and Development Wilmington, DE

August 236th ACS Meeting, ExxonMobil Solid State Chem. Award Symposium Philadelphia, PA

July 14th Annual Research Corporation Cottrell Scholar Conference (Invited poster) Tucson, AZ

June 3M Corporation Science and Engineering Faculty Day St. Paul, MN

June Max-Planck Institute, International School of Nanosci. and Nanotech. Halle, Germany

May Particles 2008 Orlando, FL

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March 2008 TMS (The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society) Annual Meeting

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November Boston College Chestnut Hills, MA

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November Tulane University New Orleans, LA

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October ACS Mid-West Regional Meeting Quincy, IL

October 14th NSF Workshop on Materials Chemistry and Nanoscience St. Louis, MO

October SPIE Optics East 2006 Boston, MA

June 3M Corporate Research Laboratory St. Paul, MN

2003 (postdoctoral)

December Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall meeting Boston, MA

Research Grants and External Support


1. NIH NIGMS (R01GM117058): Enabling Top-Down Proteomics through Materials Chemistry and Nanotechnology

Total award: $1,181,904 (multi-PI, with Co-PI: Y. Ge) Period: 9/25/15-8/31/19

2. DOE BES (DE-FG02-09ER46664): Fundamental Studies of Charge Transfer in Nanoscale Heterostructures of Earth-Abundant Semiconductors for Solar Energy Conversion

Total Award: $1,500,000 (PI, with co-PIs J. C. Wright and R. J. Hamers) Period: 12/15/18-12/14/21

3. NSF (ECCS-1609585): Creation, Detection, and Manipulation of Isolated Magnetic Skyrmions in Nanowires for Magnetic Storage Applications

Total award: $360,000 Period: 6/1/16-5/31/19

4. KAUST (OSR-2017-CRG6-3453.02): Efficient Hybrid Solar Flow Batteries That Integrate Solar Energy Conversion and Storage (with PI Jr-Hau He of KAUST)

Total award: $400,000 Period: 4/1/18 - 3/31/21

Unrestricted Support:

1. H. I. Romnes Faculty Fellowship, U. of Wisconsin-Madison

Total Award: $ 50,000 Period: 2013-2018

2. Vilas Associate Award, U. of Wisconsin-Madison

Total Award: $ 36,768 Period: 2012-2014

3. Honeywell University Affiliate Fund

Total Award: $ 50,000 Period: 2011-

4. Sloan Research Fellowship

Total Award: $ 50,000 Period: 2009-2012

5. DuPont Young Professor Grant

Total Award: $ 75,000 Period: 2007-2010

6. DuPont Science and Engineering Grant

Total Award: $ 10,000 Period: 2006-2007

7. 3M Nontenured Faculty Award

Total Award: $ 45,000


1. DOE BES (DE-FG02-09ER46664): Fundamental Studies of Charge Transfer in Nanoscale Heterostructures of Earth-Abundant Semiconductors for Solar Energy Conversion

Total Award: $1,500,000 (PI, with co-PIs J. C. Wright and R. J. Hamers) Period: 12/15/15-12/14/18

2. NSF (DMR-1508558): Screw Dislocation-Driven Growth of Complex Nanomaterials

Total Award: $ 430,000 Period: 8/1/15-7/31/18

3. DOE BES (DE-FG02-09ER46664): Fundamental Studies of Charge Transfer in Nanoscale Heterostructures of Earth-Abundant Semiconductors for Solar Energy Conversion

Total Award: $1,660,000 (PI, with co-PIs J. C. Wright and R. J. Hamers) Period: 9/15/12-12/14/15

4. NSF (ECCS-1231916): Detection and Manipulation of Magnetic Skyrmion Domains in Silicide and Germanide Nanowires for Spintronic Applications

Total award: $288,840 Period: 9/1/012-8/31/15

5. NSF (DMR-1106184): Fundamental Investigation and Development of Screw Dislocation-Driven Nanowire Growth

(Video) Story Teaser: The Divine Damsel of Devastation | Genshin Impact

Total Award: $ 397,000 Period: 7/1/11-6/30/15

6. NIH NIBIB (R21EB013847): Nanotechnology Enabled Top-Down Mass Spectrometry-Based Phosphoproteomics

Total award: $405,778 (PI, with Co-PI: Y. Ge) Period: 2/1/012-1/31/15

7. Research Corporation Scialog Collaborative Innovation Award for Solar Energy Conversion BaSi2 - a New Earth-Abundant Solar Cell Material Period: 1/01/13-12/31/14

Total award: $100,000 (with collaborating PIs, J. Xue, U. of Florida and S. Hirata, U. of Illinois)

8. NIST (Department of Commerce, 70NANB10H003): Transformational Casting Technology for Fabrication of Ultra-High Performance Lightweight Al and Mg Nanocomposites (PI: X. Li)

Total award: $3,535,615 total cost for the whole project Period: 2/1/10-1/31/15

Supports one postdoc in Jin group

9. NSF (DMR-0832760) NSEC: Templated Synthesis and Assembly at the Nanoscale (PI: Nealey; 27 faculty in total)

Total award: $14,750,000 total cost for the whole center Period: 9/1/09-8/31/14

Supported one RA in Jin group

10. DOE EERE (DE-EE0005330): Enabling Earth-Abundant Pyrite (FeS2) Semiconductor Nanostructures for High Performance Photovoltaic Devices

Total award: $462, 508 Period: 9/1/11-1/31/14

11. NSF/DOE Thermoelectric Partnership (CBET-1048625): Collaborative Research: High-Performance Thermoelectric Devices Based on Abundant Silicide Materials for Vehicle Waste Heat Recovery (collaborating with Prof. L. Shi, U. of Texas–Austin)

Total award: $ 375,000 (UW-Madison) Period: 10/1/10-9/30/13

12. DOE BES (DE-FG02-09ER46664): SISGR: Fundamental Studies of Charge Transfer in Quantum Confined Nanostructure Heterojunctions and Applications to Solar Energy Conversion

Total Award: $1,950,000 (PI, with co-PIs J. C. Wright and R. J. Hamers) Period: 9/15/09-9/14/12

13. NSF CAREER Award (DMR-0548232): Synthesis, Characterization and Physical Properties of One-Dimensional Rare Earth Chalcogenide Nanomaterials

Total Award: $ 540,000 Period: 3/1/06-8/31/11

14. NIH NCI (5R21CA126701): Ultrasensitive Nanoscale Magnetic Sensors for Label-free Analysis of Cancer

Total award: $350,556 Period: 9/24/08-8/31/11

15. Research Corporation Scialog: Solar Energy Conversion Application: Enabling Solar Energy Conversion using Rational and Scalable Growth of 1D Nanomaterials Made of Inexpensive Semiconductors

Total award: $100,000 Period: 7/01/11-6/30/14

16. Research Corporation Cottrell Scholar Award: Nanoscale Magnetic Semiconductor Materials for Spintronics.

Total award: $100,000 Period: 7/01/07-6/30/10

17. NSF MRSEC SEED: 1D and Branched Nanowire / Organic Semiconductor Composites for Harvesting Light

Total award: $51,543, co-PI with PI: M. Arnold Period: 4/1/09-3/31/10

18. Draper Technology Innovation Fund (TIF): Enable Phosphoproteomic Analysis of Complex Biological Samples Using Nanomaterials

Total Award: $ 34,798 (direct cost) Period: 7/1/09-6/30/10

19. UW-Madison Fall Competition: Initiating Cross-Cutting Energy Research at UW

co-PI with D. Morgan, N. Sahai, M. Trujillo

Total Award: $ 135,453 (direct cost) Period: 7/1/09-6/30/10

20. NSF NSEC: Templated Synthesis and Assembly at the Nanoscale (PI: Nealey; 27 faculty in total)

Total Award: $13,365,000* Period: 9/1/04-8/31/09

*Support about 0.5 graduate student in the Jin lab 1/1/08 – 8/31/09

21. NSF NSEC (Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center) SEED: Biomimetic Assembly and Solution Growth of Nanoscale Functional Materials

Total Award: $ 109,118 Period: 7/1/05-6/30/07

22. Draper Technology Innovation Fund (TIF): Synthesis and Evaluation of Transition Metal Silicide Nanowires for Field Emission Applications

Total Award: $ 35,000 (direct cost) Period: 7/1/06-6/30/07

23. UW-Madison Fall Competition: Dilute Magnetic Semiconductor Nanocrystals as a Smart Imaging Probe of Protein-DNA Interaction

Total Award: $ 31,470 (direct cost) Period: 7/1/07-6/30/08

24. IEDR: Enabling Atom Probe Tomography Using Silicon Nanowire Arrays as Microtips (UW internal)

Total Award: $ 48,980 (direct cost) Period: 7/1/07-6/30/08

25. UW-Madison Fall Competition: Synthesis and Surface Chemistry of Multi-exciton Generating Nanowires and Heterostructures for High Efficiency Solar Cells; co-PI with PI: R. J. Hamers

Total Award: $ 31,614 (direct cost) Period: 7/1/07-6/30/08

Graduate Students Supervised

  1. Ph. D. graduates: Andrew Schmitt (01/05- 07/09), Matthew Bierman (11/04- 07/09), Jeannine Szczech (11/05- 07/10), Stephen Morin (11/05- 02/11), Jeremy Higgins (11/05- 02/11), Rachel Selinsky (11/06 – 06/12), Mark Lukowski (11/08 – 07/13), John DeGrave (11/08 – 09/13), Matthew Faber (11/09 – 06/14), Fei Meng (11/09 – 08/14), Miguel Caban (11/09 – 06/15), Audrey Forticaux (11/10 – 02/15), Ankit Pokhrel (11/10 – 06/15), Linsen Li (11/10 – 06/15), Qi Ding (11/11 – 06/16), Leith Samad (11/11 – 1/17), Melinda Shearer (11/13 -5/18, joint student with R. J. Hamers), Lichen Xiu (11/12 -5/18), Matthew Stolt (11/13 – 7/18), Yongping Fu (11/13 – 8/18).
  2. Current Graduate students: Kyle Czech (joint student with J. C. Wright, 2/13 -), Wenjie Li (11/13-), Lianna Dang (11/13-), Yuzhou Zhao (11/15-), Nitish Mathur (1/16 -, MSP), Matthew Hautzinger (11/16-), Dongxu Pan (11/16-), Hongyuan Sheng (11/16-), David Roberts (11/17- ), Christopher Roy (11/18 -), R. Dominic Ross (11/18- ).
  3. Visiting Graduate Students: Meiying Leng (9/17 - ), Ming-Yu Guo (7/18 -), Jinzhen Huang (12/18-).
  4. Past Graduate Students: Lei Zhu (11/05-12/06), Pinray Huang (M.S. 11/04-6/07), Y. K. Albert Lau (M.S., 1/07-1/09), Chris Sichmeller (M.S. 11/08 – 04/11), Salih Hacialioglu (M.S. 11/10 – 5/13); Nicholas Kaiser (M.S., 11/11 – 08/14), Joseph Thomas (11/14 – 4/15), Matthew Haveman (11/15 -5/17), Stephanie Werner (11/16-11/17), Brandon Lamb (11/16 -11/17).
  5. Past Visiting Graduate Students: Fan (Julien) Yang (10/07 – 09/09); Hanfeng Liang (10/13 – 03/15); Junqiao Zhuo (08/14 – 10/15), Jie Chen (09/15 – 9/17), Yifan Dong (09/15 – 7/17), Yang Yang (10/15 – 11/17), Liang Cai (9/16 –5/18), Xiaotong Han (9/17- 9/18).

Postdoctral Research Associates


Past: Dr. Leekyoung Hwang (06/12 – 05/16); Dr. Tania Guardado-Alvarez (11/14 – 06/16, NIH NRSA Fellowship from 9/15), Dr. Dong Liang (PhD in Physics, 2/12-8/16); Dr. Steven N. Girard (9/11 -7/14, NSF SEES Fellow 08/13 -07/14); Dr. Kwangsuk Park (PhD in Materials Science, 1/12 – 07/13); Dr. Marc Estruga (3/11 – 7/13); Dr. Ryan Franking (12/11- 08/12); Dr. Han Zhang (9/10 – 7/12); Dr. Yanghai Yu (8/10 – 9/11); Dr. Chad Dooley (5/09 – 04/11, on NIH NRSA Fellowship during the second year); Dr. Yipu Song (Ph.D. in Physics, 12/05-06/07), Dr. Fairland Amos (Ph.D. in Materials Science, 1/06-06/07).

Visiting Scholars: Dr. Fengmei Wang (National Center of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 12/18 - ).

Past Visiting Scholars: Dr. Ying Yang (Northwest University, 12/17 – 11/18); Dr. Bo Song (Harbin Institute of Technology, 12/16 – 12/17), Dr. Poulomi Roy (Fulbright Scholar, Birla Institute of Technology Mesra, 8/16 –2/17), Dr. Jun Dai (Jiangsu Science and Technology University, 10/16 – 10/17); Dr. Xiaohua Yang (East China University of Science and Technology, 09/15 – 9/16); Dr. Diwen Ying (Shanghai JiaoTong University, 05/14 -06/16); Prof. Dewei Ma (Zhejiang Institute of Technology, 05/14 – 05/15); Prof. Qun Wang (Harbin Institute of Technology, 01/13 – 01/14); Prof. Xingwang Zhang (Zhejiang University, 10/12 – 03/14).

Undergraduate Researchers

Current Undergraduates: Jarryd Featherman (09/18 -); Atilla Veyssal (5/18 -); Dave Kaiman (3/18 -).

Past undergraduates: Alexis Pigg (6/18-7/18, REU from Dillard University); Xavier Sigelko (9/17- 5/18); Richard Costello (2/16- 5/18); Kunal Dani (1/15- 05/18), Zachary Matusinec (9/15-5/2017), Jayson Foster (6/17-7/17, REU from Dixie State University); Yi (Johnny) Zhang (6/13-7/17 ); Sage Bladow (9/14-12/16); Michael Stone (09/13-08/16); Axel Rivera-Larrieux (6/2016-8/2016; REU from University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez), Brandon Phillips (1/15-5/16); Jianyuan (Jackie) Zhai (06/14-05/16); Cathleen Fry (6/2015-7/2015; REU from Francis College), Alex Schrader (6/2015-7/2015; REU from Drury University), Tyler Slade (08/13-7/15); Mariya Hinojos (6/2014-7/2014; REU from Ripon College), Hong-en Chen (5/2013 -06/14), Rushad Machhi (09/13-5/14); Praveen Sankrithi (2/13-05/14), Liyang Gan (12/12 -05/14), Andrew Daniels (8/12 -05/14), Rafal Dziedzic (08/11 – 05/14); Cade Federspill (7/13- 11/13), Seth Berger (09/11 – 07/13), Cecilia Gentle (05/13-07/13, REU from University of St. Thomas); Zachary Degregorio (05/11 – 05/13); Sanghun Shin (03/11 – 12/12); Kit Shawn Chew (06/11 – 08/12); Felix Alfonso (06/12 -8/12, REU from U. of Massachusetts-Amherst); Robert Johns (06/11 -8/11, REU from U. of Washington-Seattle); Matt O’Brien (04/08 – 05/11), Ruihua Ding (02/09 – 06/11); Patrick Bollom (12/10 – 5/11); David Lopez (05/10–08/10, REU from U. of Indianapolis); Penelope Carmichael (09/09 – 06/10, exchange student from U. of Bristol); Ray Haoyue Zhu (03/09 – 05/10), Elvin Morales (05/09 – 08/09, REU from U. of Puerto Rico), Davin Chernak (01/08 – 05/09), Jonathan Tong (01/06 – 08/09), Cory Nelson (02/07 – 06/09), Justin Mallek (09/08 – 05/09), Stephen Lee (10/07 – 05/09), Jae Hyo Han (07/08 – 05/09), Miguel Caban (5/08–8/08, REU from U. of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras), Jean E. Calderón (5/07–8/07, NSEC REU from U. of Puerto Rico), Sarah Brendzel (03/08–05/08, Chem 116), Adam K. Schmitt (5/07–8/07, NSEC REU from Ball State U.); Andrew A. Lafko (01/05–12/06), David A. Maenner (01/05–05/06); Julie Feld (03/06–08/06).

Graduate Student Awards and Fellowships

MRS Graduate Student Silver Award Wenjie Li 2018

Leah Cohodas Berk Award for Excellence in Chemistry Melinda Shearer 2018

Michael McCoy Memorial Award Lianna Dang 2018

MRS Best Poster Award (Spring Meeting) Dongxu Pan 2018

MRS Graduate Student Silver Award Yongping Fu 2017

ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry Young Investigator Yongping Fu 2017

PPG Graduate Mentor Award Melinda Shearer 2017

Materials Chemistry Research Excellence Award Yongping Fu 2017

Fulbright-Nehru Scholar Poulomi Roy (visiting scholar) 2016

Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad Yongping Fu 2016

UW-Madison Hilldale Research Fellowship Zachary Matusinec (undergrad) 2016

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Lianna Dang 2016-2018

Michael McCoy Memorial Award Matthew Stolt 2016

NSF East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes Fellowship Matthew Stolt 2016

Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad Linsen Li 2015

NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award Tania Guardado (postdoc) 2015-2017

Materials Chemistry Research Excellence Award Linsen Li 2015

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Matthew Stolt 2015-2017

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Melinda Shearer 2015-2017

GSFLC Mentor Award Miguel Caban/Hong-en Chen 2014

MRS Graduate Student Gold Award Linsen Li 2014

MRS Science as Art 1st place winner (Spring meeting) Audrey Forticaux 2014

UW-Madison Hilldale Research Fellowship Michael Stone (undergrad) 2014

ACS Division of Energy and Fuels Student Award Matthew Faber 2014

Barry Goldwater Scholarship Cecilia Gentle (REU student) 2014

Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad Fei Meng 2014

MRS Graduate Student Silver Award Fei Meng 2013

ACS Division of Energy and Fuels R. A. Glenn Award Matthew Faber 2013

NSF SEES Postdoctoral Fellowship Steven Girard (postodoc) 2013

Chuck and Martha Casey Research Excellence Award Fei Meng 2013

GSFLC Mentor Award Fei Meng 2013

UW-Madison Hilldale Research Fellowship Andrew Daniels (undergrad) 2013

UW-Madison Hilldale Research Fellowship Rafal Dziedzic (undergrad) 2013

Honorable Mention Link Foundation Energy Fellowship Linsen Li 2013

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Leith Samad 2013-2016

Honorable Mention IUPAC Prizes for Young Chemists Stephen Morin 2012

Notre Dame Nanoscience&Nanoengineering Competition Robert Johns (REU) 2011

Leah Cohodas Berk Award for Excellence in Chemistry Rachel Selinsky 2011

NSF East Asia and Pacific Summer Institutes Fellowship John DeGrave 2011

Fulbright Graduate Fellowship (Turkey) Salih Hacialioglu 2010

MRS Graduate Student Gold Award Stephen Morin 2010

NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award Chad Dooley (postdoc) 2010-2012

MRS Best Poster Award (Spring meeting) Stephen Morin 2010

MRS Poster selected to attend Mexican MRS in Cancun Stephen Morin 2010

Chuck and Martha Casey Research Excellence Award Stephen Morin 2010

GSFLC Mentor Award Jeremy M. Higgins 2010

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Matthew Faber 2010-2013

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Miguel Caban 2010-2013

UW-Madison Hilldale Research Fellowship Ruihua Ding (undergraduate) 2010

17th American Conference on Crystal Growth Photo Contest Matthew Bierman (Song Jin) 2009

MRS Graduate Student Gold Award Matthew Bierman 2009

Nano Today Cover Competition 2009 Matthew Bierman 2009

Undergraduate Research Mentor Award Jeremy Higgins 2009

Undergraduate Research Mentor Award Rachel Selinsky 2009

MRS Science as Art 2nd place winner (Fall meeting) Matthew Bierman 2008

UW Madison Energy Hub conference poster award Jeremy Higgins 2008

Merck Research Laboratories Fellowship Jeremy Higgins 2008-2009

Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Student Andrew Schmitt 2008-2009

Research Excellence Award in Materials Chemistry Matthew Bierman 2008

MRS Graduate Student Silver Award Andrew Schmitt 2008

MRS Best Poster Award (Spring meeting) Andrew Schmitt 2008

MRS Poster selected to attend Mexican MRS in Cancun Andrew Schmitt 2008

Outstanding Chemistry Teaching Award Jeannine Szczech 2008

3M Graduate Fellowship Stephen Morin 2007-2009

(Video) every bts song but it's just jin's lines (2 cool 4 skool—answer)

Air Product Graduate Fellowship Matthew Bierman 2007-2008

MRS Best Poster Award (Fall meeting) Andrew Schmitt 2006

APS User Meeting Best Poster Award Andrew Schmitt 2006


Which song does Jin have the most lines? ›

As a fan-favorite release, “Spring Day” is one of the songs with the most lines from Worldwide Handsome Jin. He has a chance to show off his high register, singing with members Jungkook, V, and Jimin, as well as the rappers of the group.

Which BTS song is started by Jin? ›

"Epiphany" is a song by South Korean boy band BTS, sung as a solo by member Jin. It was released August 9, 2018, with the compilation album Love Yourself: Answer.

What BTS songs did Jin write? ›

Writing credits
2016BTS"Love Is Not Over"
7 more rows

What did Jin say about chart manipulation? ›

Throwing subtle shade at the chart manipulators, Jin's respectful words went something like, "There are methods of cheating but wouldn't it be better to make music in more honest ways? I hope the time will come when everyone makes good music and listen to good music."

Who gets less lines in BTS? ›

The reason for Jin to get the least lines was that he is not a lead singer in Bangtan. He along with V are supporting singers.

Who got most lines in BTS? ›

According to KNetizens, the BTS member who has the most lines in Dynamite is none other than Jungkook. He has sung over 73.5 seconds approximately. Jimin follows the trail at 40.3 seconds making him sing the second most lines in the group. J-Hope has the least lines at 8.6 seconds.

Who is Jin closest friend in BTS? ›

They have a hilarious relationship that's 50% business and 50% fun. Big Hit Entertainment. Jin Hit Entertainment.

Are Jin and V related? ›

BTS member V's princely charm is not just a coincidence – the singer has roots in the Gwangsan Kim Clan, the same clan Jin is from. According to Somag News, he is a direct descendant of King Sinmu of Silla, who ruled the Korean kingdom of Silla as its 45th monarch.

Who is the closest member to Jin? ›

1. The closest to Jin is RM.

What does Sajaegi mean in Korean? ›

In Korea, sajaegi generally refers to the illegal bulk-buying of any item — for example, a firm in South Korea recently sajaegi-ed over four million face-masks due to fears over the coronavirus outbreak. But in music, sajaegi has a more specific meaning — unethically and/or illegally boosting a chart ranking.

Who is Indian in Z boys? ›

Siddhant Arora from Z Boys successfully transitioned from a popular YouTuber to one of the first Indian K-pop stars. A student of Delhi University, Siddhant Arora covered Bollywood songs on his personal YouTube channel before he got scouted.

What is the meaning of chart manipulation? ›

Chart manipulation refers to unethical methods to boost a record's chart ranking online, such as the use of algorithm-driven bots to repeatedly stream songs on devices – artificially boosting the number of times a song has been played.

Who is the most handsome in BTS? ›

According to the voting trends BTS leader, RM stood at No. 1 and was titled as the world's most attractive man. RM has surpassed Henry Cavill as the most attractive man in the world. TC Calendar has conducted polling on its website for the most attractive men of 2022.

Who is married in BTS? ›

BTS' V continues to surprise his fans as the K-Pop singer is not afraid to show his romantic side on screen. Despite the alleged rumors, the idol revealed “being married and even having a child” in a recent video.

Who is best songwriter in BTS? ›

J-Hope is one of the primary songwriters for the boy band of which he is a member, BTS.

Who sing most in BTS? ›

1. Jungkook. Jungkook is the main vocalist in BTS for a reason: he has been serious about his singing for a really long time.

In which song V has most lines? ›

Taehyung's assertive tone touches the heart of the Army. In BTS' new song 'Life Goes On', he has sung the most of the lines which does not happen usually.

Who is the girl in BTS Dynamite? ›

Now, it's time for that voice to shine on its own. 24-year-old Adora, born Park Soo-Hyun, was originally introduced as the only female in-house producer on Big Hit Music's team.

Why does Jin sing the least? ›

If he were to be given more lines, he would have to perform choreography in the middle which would emphasize his awkward dancing. It's not his fault though. He works so so hard which is reflected in his vocals but in case of dancing or stage presence, he has not improved.

Who sang more songs in BTS? ›

Who has the most lines in BTS' song, 'Dynamite'? Although this song features all seven members, the line distribution isn't exactly even. According to KNetizens, Jungkook is the BTS member with the most lines in “Dynamite,” singing for over 73.5 seconds.

What is BTS position? ›

What are BTS members' official positions? Official positions ( according to hybe) : Namjoon — main rapper , leader . Jin — visual , sub vocalist.

Who is the GF of Jin? ›

Who is Jin's girlfriend? Jin was said to be in a relationship with comedienne Lee Gook Joo. The rumours about them dating got stronger after Jin thanked her in the first 3 BTS album notes.

Who is closest to V in BTS? ›

The K-Pop septet BTS share a close bond with each other, and the friendship that ARMY celebrates the most is the one between V (born Kim Taehyung) and Jungkook.

Who is JK best friend? ›

It is no secret that Yugyeom and Jungkook are best friends and as the adage goes 'Those who ink together, stay together'.

Who has royal blood in BTS? ›

BTS Jin and V

Jin and V or Kim Seokjin and Kim Taehyung can easily be considered distant relatives as they both belong to the Gwangsan Kim Clan (光山金氏/ 광산김씨), a very prominent clan in Joseon dynasty (1312–1910). This clan traces its roots from one royal prince in Later Silla Dynasty (668–935).

Is there a girl in BTS? ›

Although mixed-gender K-pop groups have existed with in past, BTS is the all group. Whereas other K-pop groups are entirely made up of women, BTS is made up of seven males. Three of the seven members (RM, J-Hope, and Suga) serve as the group's rappers, delivering solo songs for BTS on occasion.

Who is prince of BTS? ›

Jimin — Prince Charming from 'Cinderella'

Sometimes, he's even called the “Resident Prince Charming” of BTS. Jimin is known for making fans' hearts melt with his kind words.

Are Jin and Jungkook friends? ›

BTS singer Jungkook surprised his close friend Yeo Jin-goo ahead of his birthday. The 97-liners have been friends for a while now.

Who is the most hardworking in BTS? ›

During BTS's interview with CREA Magazine, Jimin blew the interviewer's mind with his persistent attitude. The members agreed that Jimin is the most hardworking one.

Who is Suga best friend? ›

BTS' Suga and Psy Became 'Best Friends 16 Years Apart' While Working on 'That That' K-pop legend Psy is back with new music for the first time since 2017's 4×2=8.

Why was BTS accused of Sajaegi? ›

Popular hip hop group Bangtan Sonyeondan (also known as Bangtan Boys or BTS) has been accused of sajaegi after reportedly outselling K-Pop icon BIGBANG on the physical album charts.

What is KPOP chart manipulation? ›

K-pop is booming, and with that growth has come the rise of chart manipulation, or the practice of falsifying chart positions to give a music group an unfair advantage. Groups who don't deserve to be at the top of the charts are being given access to the data and resources needed to achieve chart success.

Which Among the choices is a Korean song of the farmers? ›

Nongak (농악) refers to "farmers' music" and represents an important musical genre which has been developed mainly by peasants in the agricultural society of Korea.

Is any K-pop idol Hindu? ›

While the number may not be enormous, Indians are being recognised as kpop idols in South Korea, which is a source of pride in itself. This list has so far included Priyanka Mazumdar and Siddhant Aurora.

Who is India's first K-pop? ›

Like many K-pop fans, it was love at first sight for the now 18-year-old Shreya Lenka. Not only did “Growl's” complex choreographed routine and booming soundscape mesmerize the Odisha-born-and-bred dancer, but it also instilled a sense of purpose, empowering her to dream bigger.

Did Z-Girls disband? ›

Z-Girls member Carlyn has announced that she will not be returning to South Korea since she is happy with her new life in the Philippines. The group Z-Girls formed as a result of a project to gather global stars from different Asian countries. Carlyn was the girl group's leader, center and main vocalist.

What happened between BTS and billboard? ›

According to recent reports surfacing, Billboard has changed the rules of their digital sales, making it harder for fans to purchase their favourite artiste's music and support them. This of course got several netizens irked, including the BTS ARMY. According to SingleMusic.

Who get more lines in txt? ›

The member with the most lines has twice as many as the member with the least. TXT has been known in the past to have quite even lines between the five members, and for good reason.

Did Suga give Jin a song? ›

Conversation. BTS's SUGA announces produced song for roommate BTS's JIN to be released on the 4th of December as his gift for his soulmate.

Who is the most liked person in BTS? ›

The 24-year-old singer, songwriter and dancer was highlighted as the top K-Pop Idol in various categories. According to AllKpop, Jungkook was mentioned as the Most Popular and highest-ranking K-Pop Idol in India.

Who is the best dancer on BTS? ›

1. j-hope. J-hope had already made a name for himself as a dancer before joining BTS.

Who is the best rapper in TXT? ›

Yeonjun-Main rapper, main dancer. Beomgyu-Lead vocalits, lead dancer, lead rapper, center, visual. Taehyun- Main vocalist.

Who is best singer in TXT? ›

The best vocalist in TXT is TAEHYUN & KAI. They have really beautiful vocals and they have so much versatility in their styles.

Who is main rapper in TXT? ›

Soobin is the group's main vocalist and rapper. He is also TXT's leader, despite not being the oldest member of TXT (that's Yeonjun).

Who is Suga wife? ›

Mariko Suga

Who is best songwriter in BTS? ›

J-Hope is one of the primary songwriters for the boy band of which he is a member, BTS.

Who wrote Daechwita lyrics? ›

D-2 features collaborators such as MAX, NiiHWa, and Kim Jong-wan as co-writers and singers, along with RM, who is his co-member in BTS.

Who is most popular V or JK? ›

However, when it comes to popularity, I believe V, as Kim Taehyung, is by far the most popular. He is renowned as a member of the group with the most single stans or stan attracter. Almost all of the best armies are made up of Taehyung solo stans, followed by Jungkook.

Who is the cutest in BTS? ›

Jungkook is unquestionably BTS's cutest member. Jungkook is well-liked by the ARMY due to his talent, pleasant appearance, and positive attitude. Here are some of the reasons we believe the golden maknae is adorable.

Who is handsome in BTS? ›

Just last week, multiple media outlets reported that BTS' leader RM has been crowned as the 2022 Most Handsome Face. Fans began the celebrations and trended the hashtag 'Namjoon most handsome man' for a couple of days and it was indeed a global party.

Who is the 2 best dancer in BTS? ›

Fans generally consider the “Golden Maknae” Jungkook, J-Hope and Jimin as the unofficial/official BTS “dance line,” with these performers tackling the most challenging aspects of BTS' choreography. Technically, however, J-Hope and Jimin are the “main dancers” of BTS.

Who is not good dancer in BTS? ›

BTS's Jin has received much criticism and trolling from fans, as he has struggled to master complex the choreography of songs.

Who is BTS best rapper? ›

I know opinions vary but I've seen a lot of people saying Suga is considered the best and him not being the main rapper is unbelievable like what?


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